Can Music Make You Lose Weight?

According to some of the most recent studies, two-thirds of Americans are overweight. A significant portion of them is obese, which is an extreme stadium where a lot of health issues can arise. Obesity is directly connected with premature death,  and it can cause stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, and so on. Due to a strong public campaign to fight obesity and to protect our children from this problem, many people are starting to use products that help them with losing weight. Weight-loss industry is a massive business market, and it sometimes seems that people would buy anything that could help them lose a few more pounds.

However, most of these products and nutritional supplements are relatively expensive, and this makes losing weight a real challenge. Even gym memberships are too costly for a lot of people, and that is why a lot of them quit even before the beginning. But, a free solution exists, and this method is available to anyone who has any device that can reproduce sound. Music is the name of this therapy, and the benefits of listening to music while trying to lose weight are enormous.


c35f6a193df32820_music-main.xxxlargeIf you have ever watched a fitness session, you must have noticed the fact that girls and women are usually listening to very loud and very upbeat music. The reason for this is hidden in the fact that brain is a very peculiar thing, and that our hormones can be easily affected by stimulants such as music. Our hormonal levels change once we hear familiar sounds, and some songs will make us sad or happy, depending on the situation and the connotation. Either way, appropriate music can boost your energy levels and make you more active, which is something we all want. Motivation is the primary element of a weight-loss strategy, and without this integral component – everything will fall to pieces.

An emotional segment of our mind is also responsible for our motivation, and good songs will always hit our “soft side”. This can prove useful in our battle against being overweight, simply because emotions can cause you to try even harder and to be the best version of yourself.



main-qimg-2a5b11ab3eabf4ef0c804c911d99025b-cOur jobs and our daily duties can take an enormous toll on our energy levels, which means that we often stay without “fuel” when we need to go to the gym or perform an exercise. However, loud and satisfying music can boost our energy, and it can encourage us to be active. In the example from above, fitness music makes the participants more involved and more engaged, and they are happy when they can be in tune with the sounds and burn calories in a fun and enjoyable way. As a matter of fact, losing weight should be fun and pleasant, and only if you will relaxed and comfortable can you expect to see some visible results in the near future.